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    Welcome to our web site!

      Prof. zw. dr hab. med. Jerzy Majkowski
          The Foundation of Epileptology was established in 1993 by Professor Jerzy Majkowski who also founded the Department of Neurology and Epileptology at the Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education (CMKP) in 1988. The Foundation of Epileptology is the first non-governmental organisation in Poland to have as its priority the improvement of quality of life of epileptic patients by means of furthering doctors' diagnostic and therapeutic mastery and developing a positive approach to epilepsy among the general public. The Foundation, led by this idea, attracts physicians, psychologists, researchers and academics, social activists and other persons who wish to contribute to the development of epileptology and thereby bring medical assistance to people suffering from epilepsy. The Foundation of Epileptology was registered in the Foundation Register of the District Court for the Municipality of Warsaw on 16 March 1993 and thereby acquired legal status. The Founder appointed the Foundation Council and the Foundation Executive Committee. The Foundation of Epileptology co-operates with the Polish Society of Epileptology, the Warsaw-based Society for Victims of Epilepsy and their Friends "Calm Head" (Spokojna Głowa) and other domestic and foreign organisations with similar goals. The Foundation of Epileptology is a member of the European Epilepsy Academy (EUREPA) and Professor Majkowski is co-organiser and member of the first Executive Committee and is now a member of the EUREPA Research Advisory Committee. The Executive Committee of the Polish Society of Epileptology shares its headquarters with the Epilepsy Foundation.

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